Coaching  & Quantum Healing Journeys

A Transformative Journey towards Instant Healing

Travel destination: A journey of discovery to the Landscape of your Soul
Stopover: Past and future lives
Fellow travelers: Galactic soul connections, guides, Higher Self
Means of transportation: The infinite possibilities of the Spirit through timeless lines in an unlimited space
Travel time: Earth time approx. 1.5 - 2 hours; Quantum time, well.... ??
Your travel guide: ME

An Inner Journey should not be missing from your Bucket List

If you suffer from a physical or psychological complaint, your Spirit, your Soul calls for healing.


Because of our incarnation here on earth we forget our connection with the Source and with our Soul. We even forget who we really are.


During a Quantum Healing journey you experience a pure BEING state full of loving presence.

It offers you the opportunity to open a way to a special consciousness transformation and instant healing.

With this intensive technique I coach you on a deep Inner Journey where your Higher Self and your inner wisdom guide you to those situations or lives that are important to gain awareness and insight into a problem you are struggling with in this life.


Earth's time and space laws are falling away, allowing you to connect with your Galactic Family and those beings your soul consciousness is connected to....both past and future.

...And gives you the opportunity to make a deep transformative journey in your unconsciousness during a powerful session. Treasures of information about you are stored here.


Sometimes mental and physical conditions are linked to unprocessed trauma from a past life. By gaining insight from past lives, blockages can be released and healing can take place.

Quantum Healing Hypnose Journey

The Voice of your Pain

Your higher Self follows the voice of your Soul